Pay less by giving more…

How many times have you made a non-cash donations to a local charity?  Did you drop off a big sack full of cloths, toys, etc., and then set the fill-in-the-blank receipt aside for tax time, never to be seen again?  Maybe you managed to hang on to it, but when it came time to gather your tax documents, you couldn’t remember what was donated so you left it blank, or at best wrote down an estimate of what you though you’d get for it at a garage sale?

We’ve partnered with to make it easier for clients to track their contributions and get full value for the deductions. has a simple three-step process the will help you save hundreds of dollars in taxes in a matter of minutes. Plus, every time someone subscribes through our website, Brown & Company will donate $5 of the proceeds to charity!

Charity Deductions logo. Your donations are worth more than you think!

  • Enter the charitable organizations you donate to and you’ll only have to do it once. You can always edit, delete, or add additional organizations later.

  • Your donations are worth more than you think!  Quickly enter your item donations from our database of thousands of fair market values.  Our valuations are backed by completed eBay® auction transactions that comply with IRS approved valuation methods.  You can view IRS Publication 561 for more details.
  • Print out a report to take with you when you donate–just write “See attached list” on your receipt. Print detailed itemized reports for your tax records or a summary report to give to your tax professional.  You’ll save them time and save yourself some cash!

If you want to keep better track of your charitable deductions and help us give back at the same time, Click on the CharityDeductions logo or visit and use promo code “cbrowncpa”.